Activities of the Chamber of Economy of FBiH

The Chamber’s activities include:

1. Partnership with government and administrative bodies at FBiH level, with regard to:
  • drafting and adopting laws, regulations, and economic policy measures and instruments that affect the economic position of business entities;
  • drafting and adopting development strategies, sectoral economic policies, protecting domestic production, establishing a system of environmentally-sustainable development, developing and enhancing the market, and setting technical and other standards;
  • drafting and adopting measures that promote the export of goods and services;
  • representing employers, within the scope of the Chamber’s competences, in drafting and adopting regulations on labor, pension and health insurance, wages, etc.;
  • proposing the harmonization of laws, other legislation and measures adopted by cantons, with the aim of creating equal business conditions in all parts of FBiH;
  • other areas of partnership as defined by special regulations and authorizations;
2. Fostering the economy and entrepreneurship
  • coordinating joint activities of chambers, harmonizing annual and long-term work programs, and organizing the implementation of joint projects of interest to members;
  • proposing and implementing measures to promote entrepreneurship, analyzing the effects of business regulation and instruments, and proposing restructuring measures for the manufacturing and services industries based on the criteria of sustainable development;
  • implementing measures for the promotion, development and application of innovations, inventions and rationalizations, the unification of standards, work tools and processes, the protection of domestic products, and market regulation;
  • organizing a business information system,
  • organizing trainings for the labor force to provide it with the necessary skills – independently or in cooperation with cantonal chambers;
  • other services for chamber members.   
3. Promoting the economy of FBiH

4. Providing expert consulting services to members and cantonal chambers in project preparation

5. Public authorizations transferred to the Chamber by law

6. Serving as a court of honor and permanent court of arbitration

7. Other activities related to the functions of the Chamber of Economy of F BiH