Association of Metal and Electro Industry - AMEI

Seat: Chamber of Economy of FBiH – Branislava Djurdjeva 10, 71000 Sarajevo

Association President:
Kasim Kotoric – POBJEDA D.D. Tesanj company

Association Vice-president:
Sead Gusmirovic – ENERGOINVEST D.D. Sarajevo company

Association Secretary:
Almin Malisevic

+387 33 566 306

+387 33 217 783


The Association carries out activities in keeping with its work programs, which are defined according to its members' interests and demands. Its main objective is to create the conditions necessary to better address issues in the metal and electro sector and advance the business activities of companies in FBiH and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole. Within the scope of its competences, the association cooperates independently with relevant government and legislative bodies, other institutions and third parties, with the ultimate aim of improving conditions for doing business.

The Association carries out its activities in the Federation of BiH, with a particular focus on:
  • cooperating with its members to collect information on issues relevant to doing business, in order to improve their business environment,
  • proposing measures that ease the business operations of member companies,
  • harmonizing the interests of member companies and defining common interests and opinions in relations with state and federal authorities, institutions and other partners,
  • cooperating with competent state and federal bodies to prepare and adopt laws, other regulations and economic policy measures pertinent to member companies,
  • preparing and disseminating business information to member companies,
  • providing business and other relevant information in the drafting of investment programs and plans,
  • cooperating with the relevant departments and experts within the Chamber on analyzing the economy, economic and fiscal policy measures, drafting development and manufacturing projects, restructuring capacities and capital, program promotion, etc. and obtaining their proposals or inputs on business enhancing measures and removal of economic barriers, according to their area of business expertise;
  • monitoring, fostering and enhancing work conditions and promoting the business successes of member companies,
  • advocating for the implementation of business conduct codes and moral standards in line with market economy principles,
  • carrying out the tasks entrusted to the Chamber through public authorizations that are of interest for the association,
  • undertaking initiatives or proposing economic policy measures in cooperation with the competent state and federal bodies and organizations,
  • other activities under its competences pursuant to the rules of the association, the Statute of the Chamber or the law, as well as other tasks entrusted to it by the Chamber's bodies.
Association bodies:
› Assembly
› Association Board
› Ethics Council

•    Working version of the „Development Strategy for the Metal and Electro Sector in FBiH 2015-2025" (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages only)